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Our Range of Hydro Baths use the finest quality  with
Vinyl Ester Resins
Isothalic Coatings
Hi-Tech Centrifugal Pumps
Safety Protected Heating Elements on certain models
All Heated Models are Heat Controlled to the dogs body temperature
Safety Micro-Switches and Heavy Duty Relays to disable the element should the water level fall below the predetermined setting on certain models
TH5J The hydrobath for mobile installations.
One where a normal hot water supply is not needed as it has its own 100 litre hot water service built in.  As you use the water it is refilled and heated at the same time.  All safety features, built in value to regulate water level, 1800 Watt element thermostat controlled by the dogs body temperature and fitted with a micro switch and H/D relay to cut out element should the water level fall too low.
Top of the range quality.

TH5J The hydrobath

TH4WR Heated twin tandem hydrobath.

TH4WR Heated twin tandem hydrobath.
Wash rinse model to be plumbed in quick change over value.  All the built in safety features of the TH5J
Rear door entry or front door.  Has the option of a door at each end for the really large dog.
A pleasure to use.
TH3 The most popular of all new 1800W element thermostatically controlled to dog's body temperature.  No outlet plugs to bend over and put your hand in the tank to pull a plug.
All our models are fitted with a waste gate valve for easy plumbing to wash waste line.
End door - Front door or two doors.
Quality all the way.

TH3 Hydro Bath

TN3 Hydro Bath

The non-heated model if you have a good hot water service at your establishment.
Why pay the extra for the heated model as all the features of the TH3 end door Std, side door, second front door option.  Waste gate valve.
All you need at an excellent price.
The Magnificent Mini.
For those with just small dogs or maybe just restricted space.  Uses the same pump as the others.  Options available waste include pressure adjustable rose, heating element, waste gate valve and will accept up to Labrador size, but really meant for Corgies, Mini Poodles and the likes.
Quality all the way.

Mini Hydro Bath

A Choice of Colour Schemes Available.
Note.  Some colours bring a small additional price, but remember they can be colour coded to your particular grooming areas.

Remember: All Our Products Carry a 12 month Warrantee against  faulty materials or workmanship!

We are proud of our products